Promoters / Book the Venue


Are you a promoter and interested in using Temple Of Boom for an event? Please find all the information for using our booking system below.

To register or login click here.

In order for you to start booking the spaces at TOB you will need an account on our booking system. Please register as soon as possible as we need to manually approve the registrations. All you need is a valid email address. Once you are approved you will have instant access to booking the venue and loads more features.

See the list of available tools & downloads below.A link to register & start booking spaces at Temple Of Boom is at the bottom of this doc.


  • Book the venues / check calendar dates
  • Create & distribute day/advance sheets
  • Ticket printing
  • Request marketing support
  • Book catering/riders
  • Book the band hostel
  • View offers from agents for tours & gigs.


  • Facebook, Instagram & poster PSD/AI templates.
  • Tutorials for advertising events on Facebook with good results.
  • Tutorials for getting useful & effective reach for free.
  • The ultimate marketing checklist for events.
To register or login click here.